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World War II

World War Two covered the period from 1939 to 1945 resulted in an estimated 64 million deaths which made it the largest war in history, including around 6 million Jewish people during the Holocaust. The US joined the war in 1941 after Japan attacked their naval base at Pearl Harbour. Some countries remained ‘neutral’ during the war, for example Switzerland and Sweden.

On the day Britain declared war with Germany in 1939, The National Service (Armed Forces) Act imposed conscription on all males between 18 and 41 who had to register for service, unless they were medically unfit or who worked in specific industries eg farming or medicine. In December 1941, conscription for women was brought in for those between 20 and 30 who were unmarried.

The war memorial lists the names of 5 men who were lost on active service during World War Two.

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WWII At Sea (a)

At Sea

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During World War Two, the Royal Navy lost over 50,000 men in action, with another 15,000 injured. The Royal Navy fought in theatres such as the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. At the beginning of the war, it was the strongest navy in the world with over 15 battleships and 7 aircraft carriers.

In the Merchant Navy, nearly 5,000 British ships were sunk and more than 29,000 merchant seaman lost their lives. The British Merchant Navy was the largest in the world and crew joined from countries such as India and China to help the support the shortage in numbers which was experienced. The Mercantile Marine played a key role in the transportation of goods such as ammunition, food and arms throughout the war.

Three men are listed on the war memorial as being lost at sea in World War Two; one in the Royal Navy and two in the Merchant Navy.

WWII Died In POW Cam

Died In POW Camp


There were around 70 prisoner-of-war camps in Italy during World War Two.  The Italian Armistice which was declared on 8 September 1943 which ended the Italian administration of the camps.

At least 170,000 British POWs were taken by German and Italian forces. Life in a POW camp was tough and in many instances, the rules of the Geneva Convention were not always adhered to. Many soldiers felt humiliated or ashamed at being captured. Weakness, caused by a combination of heavy labour and lack of food was the cause of death of many.

One man is listed on the war memorial as dying in a POW Camp in World War Two.

WWII Died Of Wounds

Died Of Wounds



It has been estimated that around 20 military personnel died in World War Two although estimates can vary and classifications differ, therefore no accurate data exists for those who died of their wounds.

At the start of World War Two, the 2nd Battalions King’s Own Scottish Borderers were in India. After undertaking jungle training in India, they sailed with the 7th Indian Division to Burma in September 1943.

One man is listed on the war memorial as dying from wounds in World War Two, in Burma who served in the King’s Own Scottish Borderers.

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