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Hilary Fyfe

I was born and raised in Watford, Hertfordshire and currently live in Motherwell but lived in Inverkip for over 20 years. Like many in the village, I stood at the war memorial every Remembrance Sunday, but thought little of the names on the monument or who the men were. My inspiration to start the project was the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme in 2016.

I carried out some preliminary research to discover if any of the men on the memorial where lost at the Somme but the project quickly snowballed where I undertook to research all 29 names. Having researched my own family history some years' previously, this gave me a understanding of basic research, however, I made many mistakes in the those early days!

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The aim of the project has remained constant since its beginning; to tell the stories behind the 29 names on the war memorial. This website will help broaden the reach and tell the stories of the men to a much wider audience, with all the research findings collated in a central location.


A booklet of research findings was printed some years’ previously but with any publication, it becomes outdated very quickly. With a website such as this, new findings are immediately accessible to a worldwide audience, with the ability to encourage people who may have missing or additional information on the servicemen to make a contribution.

HF at war memorial November 2023.jpg
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